Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Back To The BVI!

Two years ago, Sara and I went sailing in the BVI and the Balearic Islands. Both times it was with one other person, both times it was on 39-ish monohulls with a similar layout, and both trips were amazing. Each trip also offered something new: our BVI trip was my first trip as a skipper, and our Balearic trip was our first time in the Mediterranean.

Shortly after we booked our second trip that year, my older daughter Abby, now 13, told me in no uncertain terms that if we took another trip like this without her that she would kill me.*

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Not being one to tempt fate, or the temper of a 13-year-old-girl, I am happy to report that we will be cruising in the BVI for a week this summer and that we will be doing so without pain of death hanging over me. And like our past two trips, this one also has new things to offer. Although this will be our third time in the BVI, this will be my first time skippering a catamaran, my first time skippering with an appreciable crew (we're bringing some family along), an my first time skippering overnight with kids aboard.

But despite our excitement, this trip will be doubly bittersweet. Last September, Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean, with the BVI being particularly hard hit. Although rebuilding is already well underway, I expect that we will still see much of the remaining devastation and reconstruction. I'm hoping that our tourism dollars will help with the recovery. It will also be our first time back since the loss of Sara's mother to cancer a month after our last trip there. I'm hoping to hit a few of the same spots with other members of her family so that they can share our memories of her.

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So, watch this space. Adventure awaits this summer!

*And I kinda believed her.... 


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