Wednesday, May 6, 2015

About Me

I've been a desk-jockey serving the analytical community of the US Navy for most of my adult life. My career has paid the bills well enough and it's challenging and reasonably enjoyable, but it's never been what I would consider satisfying. It's just a job to me, it's never been something I've been passionate about. I have always loved the ocean and seagoing vessels, sailboats in particular, and sometimes found myself daydreaming (at my desk, sadly) of sailing off to exotic lands instead of just running computer simulations involving warships. But I never knew that sailing was something that I could actually do.

Then one of my best friends bought a sailboat.

Since my first time sailing with him, I've felt this...pull. That was four years ago. In that time, I've gone sailing on my friend's boats (at various times, a Catalina 25 on the Potomac River, a Sabre 28 on the Chesapeake Bay, and a 41' Formosa Ketch, also on the Chesapeake), followed him down to the BVI to spend an amazing week on a 44' catamaran with friends and my (now) wife, gotten into the Annapolis yacht racing scene, started working on my RYA Day Skipper certification so I can charter boats on my own, and signed up for my first open-ocean sails this summer. I've learned a lot, had quite a few adventures, and met some truly amazing people.

I've also taken pictures. Piles and piles of pictures. Like this one of Sandy Spit in the BVI.

Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands

Pretty amazing, right?

So what's a guy with an abundance of pictures, a penchant for telling stories about where said pictures came from, and a future unlikely to be lacking in either of those two things to do? Start a 'blog of course! I spent years missing out on these things that I love doing simply because I didn't know that I could be doing them. Now, I not only want to do what I love doing, I want to share it with others.

I've got big dreams for my sailing future, and I hope this 'blog becomes a productive way to share those dreams with everyone.

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